No exercises for biceps

Looks like no training journey ever consider biceps. Bodywight trainings always focus on legs and abs. Although I own the elastic bands, it seems that arms are almost ignored compared to the lower part of the body.

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Hey Marzio :wave:t2:

In general, over the course of a complete Journey you will receive exercises that are designed to target your entire body, rather than just one muscle group, to ensure total body fitness.

However, the biggest improvement you can make to your training (if you specifically want to target more upper body muscles) is to get access to a pullup and low bar if possible, as this will greatly increase the amount of upper-body workouts that the Coach can assign.

For example:

Pulling exercises (back and biceps) - Pullups and/or pullup variations such as Commando Pullups, Chest to Bar Pullups, Archer Pullups as well as Incline Rows


Hello Ben,
Thank you for the kind reply, just let me add that though is true that Freeletics is in general designed to train the entire body, the exercises do actually focus on specific muscle groups, as the app itself shows at the beginning of each workout. To me, the big plus consists in the possibility to do without any - or nearly so - equipment. I see it is hard to train the arms bodyweight, but having the elastic bands should already allow some, instead of almost only targeting abs and thighs on litteraly every session. Just a constructive criticism. I bought a pull up bar anyway :slight_smile:

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i had that problem too. I don’t see why it isn’t possible to have more excercises then 21 (!) with resistance bands that can act as a dumbbell and therefore put more band curls into the journey. You can take them with you anywhere and take much less space then dumbbells…

Yep and try to get on a plane with a 20kg dumb- or kettlebell in your hand luggage :muscle: :grin:

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