No weights given in exercise program

Hi community

I completed the gain muscle journey late last year and have started the shred and burn journey recently.

In the first journey I completed it told me each day what weight each exercise should be. Now I’m the shred and burn it just says weight plate or dumbbells.

My question is - How do I know how much weight this should be? How do I know I’m lifting enough but not too much. Why is the coach not suggesting a weight which I can the provide feedback on?


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Hey Campbell,

In weight journeys the coach tells you what weights to use (no matter if dumbbell, barbell or kettle bell). In bodyweight journeys unfortunately it doesn’t do that, because the focus is on the bodyweight. In those you have to look for yourself which weight you feel comfortable with. And it’s not ideal I know…

Have a nice weekend,



Thanks for the quick response and clarification. I didn’t realise this was a body weight journey. I’ll stick with it for a bit longer and see how I go.