Noob:Knee issues/mods

I’m wondering about programs for people with knee issues.! I saw on another exercise forum there was a program HILIT(high intensity low impact training. It then went on to say feelers would be preferable for people with knee problems?
Also, is there a Roku app or do ppl stream to their tv?

Hi @meg.rockstar - welcome! HIIT is generally hard on the knees and recommending a workout or journey for anyone with “knee issues” can be very challenging and must be specific for the type of issue that the person has. I would recommend working with a doctor or physical therapist to determine which types of exercises are ok.

From the Freeletics standpoint there are a few tools that you can use to help make the training more knee friendly.

First the journey that you choose makes a big difference in the types of exercises that the coach will give you. Anything that mentions explosive movements might want to be avoided. For your first journey, if you haven’t started yet, the starting strong journey is a greta way to test of the Freeletics system of training with lower volume and gentler exercises.

Next, regardless of the journey you choose (for the most part), you should have the option to turn on the “Train Quietly” feature which removes the jumping and most of the high impact exercises. You can turn this on in your coach settings if you want it to be a permanent change, or you can use the adapt button to turn it on if you want to be able to take it day by day.

I hope that helps!

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And a big welcome from me as well Meg :muscle:t2:

Re this :point_down:t2:

I don’t think most people I know bother streaming to their tv (it’s not something I do either to be honest), but if your phone/tv support it you can obviously cast your mobile screen to your tv should you wish to :+1:t2: