Exercises repeating after telling coach I could not do them

hello, I’ve been having difficulties with a particular exercise. I’ve told the coach but it is still recommending the same exercise in my next routine. Is this a bug? Surely if you are struggling with a particular move it should scale accordingly?

Can anyone help?

I’m using android app on a nexus phone. The app is the latest version from the play store.


That’s a normal behaviour in learning: exercising wth what you are struggling.
The coach needs some (sometimes more sometimes less) attempts before scaling down. The right feedback is the key.


Fair point. Thank you.

There are times however that a move feels plain uncomfortable or not possible, and in those situations my belief is it’s better to avoid completely and avoid injury. It almost needs an option for a complete swap out or something

You can exclude the exercise (you will never see it again, neither in Intervalls, Skill Improvement nor in Workouts) or deactivate the Skill Path if there is one (in case of an advance movement like One Handed Pushups or something like that).