Parallel bars exercises

I have thing like this at home, but don’t see any exercises for parallel bars part of it. only for pull-up bar.
any plans to add something? or maybe I missed something?

The parallel bar dips (and weighted dips) is currently the only available excercise at the single excercise section, but I’m not sure, if maybe the hybrid strength journey includes some more.
You can do e.g. leg and knee raises on the bars instead of hanging leg/knee raises.

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thanks a lot, will do!

for devs:

would be cool if I could add it to inventory and see exercises with it in journeys!

Yes, they should add this option, but you already could add the low bar as equipment and do the straight bar dips on your parallel bars instead, if the coach put them on your workout plan.

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yea, I see. thanks again for advice