Parallel dips in bodyweight journey

I just realised that freeletics added the parallel dip bar in the exercise list, how come I have never done it in my journey (everyday strength) , plus it s not possible to add the parallel dip bar to the equipment, same for the low bar, I used to have it but now I don’t.
Thank you

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Hey @Jerzy7 , yeah the parallel bar dip has been here for quite some time but I haven’t seen it in any of my journeys. It seem like it’s only available as a single exercise.
For the low bar, you should be able to find in in your coach settings.
Some journeys won’t have the low bar as an option though, what journey are you doing at the moment?

That’s very bad regarding the parallel bar, I was just seeking to perform some exercises like those, anyway I m on everyday strength

Hi @Jerzy7 , you should have the low bar option in the everyday strength journey. Did you have the chance to look in your settings in equipment?
You can still do parallel bar dip as a single exercise from the single exercise section. The straight bar dip is an exercise that is part of the training journey and could be assign to you, if you enable the low bar option

Hi TomG, Regarding the low bar I do have it enabled in my journey, but no exercise with that have ever showed up, that s weird.

Hi @Jerzy7, how long have you been doing this journey for?
The Coach might think that other exercises are currently better for your strength progression and overall development