Point value of a workout

The point values of workous do not make sense:

You’ll get 500-800 points or so from a tough bodyweight circuit, and 1000-2000 points from a easy weight workout.

Today I had a Kettlebell fundamentals workout: tho intervals with 8 rounds each. Point value 1100 points. I asked for a shorter workout and the Coach gave me exactly the same workout but with only 2 rounds. The point value of the workout is still 1100 points. Ok, the weight of the kettlebell is a bit heavier on the shorter workout, but still the point values seem to be off.

Now I realize that the points and levels do not matter, but still it feels quite odd.

The point system is more for fun than anything else, does not mean anything. If you do a series of bench presses 3x8 through the coach, it will give you 450 points (independent of weight), but if you add the same 3x8 reps individually, you will get 8 points per series…

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