Why do I only get 30 points for my workout?

Why do I only get 30 Points for my workout?

Hey Weezy :wave:t2:

The points for workouts are mainly there to reflect the experience one has training with the Coach i.e. in a Training Journey.

I know that this isn’t true in other areas of the app, for example God workouts selected from the “Explore all” section, and it is something that we will keep under review. For the moment though, think of the self-created workouts as an additional challenge.



Thx/Ok. Good to know. I chose a workout for core, butt and legs 5 days a week with 48 units in total so I wanted to create a workout for my arms and shoulders to keep them on track (weak arm muscles)…so I will suffer with the knowledge “it’s just fun” :sob:

You, me…pretty much every other Athlete :muscle:t2:

Keep crushing it :fist_right:t2:


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No other option, right :wink:

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