Power Hooks for lifting

Whats the general view on them. I’ve got some tennis elbow type pain in my left arm which I live with and perform some small exercises to try and resolve. If anyone has used i’d be interested in what you liked / didn’t like - or any particular types to avoid. I’d never seen them until last 2 weeks or so.

Hi @shaun1, great topic!
I don’t use hooks per se, but often use wrist straps. I feel like when the load is starting to be too heavy on deadlift or RDL, I like to start using straps, that way my strength gains are not being slowed by my grip strength.

If it is just for support have you checked Wrist Wraps?
If it is for power lifting movement when your grip starts to fall, then yeah I highly recommend stripes (haven’t tried hooks), that way your strength can keep progressing.

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cheers - i guess they possibly do the same…are straps different by brand or is a strap a strap?

Hi @shaun1 , I think a strap is a strap to be honest, I have personally only tried the Gymshark one, quite cheep and have been using the same pair for 4 years. Does the job really well.