Sandbag Substitute on the app

So I have recently decided to add a sandbag to my training regime - both cause I cant afford a bar and plates, and because I prefer the functional training part of it.

So I have been reading up a lot before I made the choice, and watch a lot of online videos regarding using the large sandbag (with straps) as a training substitute to a bar and weights.

My question for my fellow Freeletics community, can I use/select the bar and plates under equipment in the app, and then use the sandbag as a substitute?

Hi @izak.s.kruger !

I don’t see any downside in doing so yeah. You should be able to substitue any exercises with a sandbag.
Although, having different loads available would be best as you can’t really compare a back squat or deadlift with bicep curls for example.

I am no professional, but from a sport amateur perspective, I don’t see any issue with it.

Hi there @TomG
I appreciate the comment. I have started with the sandbag replacement and it is working well so far. Like you mentioned, I have different weights and sizes due to variations etc. I also use a smaller “kettle bell” size sandbag for plate training.
On the app it obviously suggests weights that one has to use, but like most I guess I am using it as a guide and building up my weigh as I go along. - I have also added in resistance bands for the initial build up - there are a few of the “intervals” that start with a lighter weight for build up, and the resistance bands work well for those.

Again thanks for the comment, I appreciate it.

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Hi @izak.s.kruger , the bands are a great idea indeed!

Keep crushing it! :clapclapstatic: :muscle: