Pre breakfast workouts

I’ve never done workouts before breakfast, but looking at my weekdays it’s the only place I have time. For anyone who does a workout before breakfast how do you fuel it? Or is it a case of working out hungry?

I was used to train before lunch (with intermittent fasting from 1pm-7pm) and it worked quite well - even with the last meal 17hours ago.
Give it a try for some weeks and see if you really need some fuel despite water to train.

(It’s an individual thing and a question of habit. I had to shift my intermittent fasting to 10am-4pm in order to sleep much better - and my training performance dropped to ground.)


Hi. I usually train before breakfast and I don’t have any problems. I just drink some water before starting.


I almost always train in the morning before breakfast, and before I start I drink a couple of glasses of water and a cup of coffee. It’s just a matter of habit because I feel great.


Thanks for the tips. I struggled this morning, but i didn’t drink any water before hand. Will try that tomorrow

I also tried with no problems.

I just wonder if this is good for building muscles?
I read a lot about protein intake before/after training which left me uncertain.

You can take the protein at any time. It won’t affect muscle growth. Just have a good breakfast after training.

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At this point I’m pretty unfit & have a full on day job, which sometimes takes over in the evenings.
So muscle building isn’t a priority (yet!!).
I think the missing part for me is waterin the mornings before I workout.

From my side, it depends on what time I had dinner last night.

I live in Spain and we have dinner quite late (9-11pm), so I am totally fine to work out in the morning without breakfast, with just some water and an optional black coffee.

Previously I used to live in the UK having dinner at 6pm. So before a morning workout, I would eat a banana or a toast with peanut butter or a whey protein shake.