Training Journey during Ramadan

Ramadan will begin in a short time. Would you prefer any Journey that can be easily combined with ramadan?Maybe the Journeys Start strong or Fit for life? I think the other Journeys would be to hard, right?

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Hi! I never was into Ramadan but I do intermittent fasting. Until last year I had a seven hours window to eat and trained right before my first meal (at 1pm) and after I already worked for six hours. It was hard in the beginning but got used to it very fast - and still did β€œnon beginner” Journeys.
But this is an individual think depending on your own training routine, hydration and used time of training. Give it a try - you always can shorten your session or switch to an easier one.

Yes I also need guidance from experts for nutrition and training in Ramadan. Its my first day here. Kindly help please thanks. I am already fasting from dawn to dusk