Problem understanding assigned weights to exercise - DB journey

This journey is awesome but I don’t quite understand one thing - if there is an exercise with 2x dumbbells (for e.g. the dumbbell squat) but coach is telling me that there is one weight without splitting. So for instance an exercise have a pair of weights but it says 10kg. Should I split those 10kg into 2 x 5kg?

I guess my problem is - will couch take into account that I had split weight or it’s thinking that it is 2x10kg?

Screenshots of weights I have entered into freeletics app:
Screenshot of exercise example:

I had the same the question the other day and found the answer in another post.

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Here it is!


Thank you for response :slight_smile: .
So if understand clearly I should split 10 kg into 2x5kg because the app sometimes doesn’t do it for me?
According to the link you posted I don’t have indicator 2x nkg but only nkg.

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Hey @Bujan007 :wave:t2:

Welcome to the Forum! That’s exactly right-but you don’t have to split the weight here, what is important is just to use that amount of weight.


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Oh ok, thank you so much. Just wanted to make sure that I’m not doing anything wrong.

Thanks for warm welcome, it’s nice to be here :).

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