Skill progression multiple times?

I have pushup skill progression enabled and about a week ago I earned the Skill badge after doing 20 pushups with good technique a few times. Then today, it started the progression again with 8 pushups? See screenshots below. How is this supposed to work?

Hi @mercybeats and welcome to the forum!
I think the Coach will keep assigning your progression if the skill is still selected in your progression settings.


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Hey, and also a big welcome from me :wave:t2:

This is very much the case below :point_down:t2:

This is very much by design, and I talk a little bit more as to why the Coach will loop around Skills multiple times in the reply to another question below :point_down:t2:

There are a couple of things I would suggest:

  • if you don’t want to work on your Pushup technique for some time then deactivate the Pushup Path in your Coach settings.
  • if you want to start working on a more advanced skill such as OH Pushups or Strict HS Pushups activate these in your Coach settings.

Keep crushing it :muscle:t2:


I think that makes sense, but the milestone in the skill progression confuses me (see screenshot). It looks like I haven’t completed it although I got the badge. Anyway, thanks for your help!

Hi, how are you doing?

In my experience, sometimes if you give bad feedback in some workouts you lose progress in skill progressions even in ones you already completed.

For example, I completed pushups skill path in July 2021 but in March 2022 I got 2x MORPHEUS and after all those pushups I got really tired and gave negative feedback to the coach. Afterwards I lost the pushups milestone in that skill path (and also got locked out of HS and OH pushups) and had to “start again” from 15 pushups but without losing my badge. After I did 25 pushups as a single exercise (not the coached ones) the skill path showed once again complete.

Sometimes is not so clear why you lose them (I have lost the leg raises like 3 times for unexpected reasons) but it is always associated with the coach believing you lost the technique for some reason.

I hope that helps.


PD: I only have 3 skill badges, even though sometimes I say in the forum that I want more than 18 skill path with new skills (calisthenic skills I am looking at you) but only the knee jumps is the one I haven’t lost the milestone at least once.