Skill progressions reseted?

Hey, there hope you’re doing great because I am every single day since I became a free athlete! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :grimacing:

There is only one thing that keeps bugging apparently for me: the skill progressions option… It’s not the first time it behaves weirdly, but this time it apparently reset my progressions without any (obvious to me) reason?

I had chosen the pushups skill progressions, and had completed the pushups and started with the next level which was the “One-Handed Pushups”… It all went okay for some days, but now for some reason (it could be that I am changing phones lately?) I’ve been taken back to “0”, back to the standard Pushups milestone…

I’d love if you guys can help me out!

Thanks and cheers!

What was your feedback to the assigned One Handed Pushups? And how many did you get the last time they were assigned as Skill Progression?

hello mela… Feedback is always “positive”, in the sense that I usually rate as “great” (one tier under the topmost “excellent”) … I don’t understand your second question though… Oh you mean reps? So I unlocked the one-hand pushups milestone, and was like 3 “days” (instances, there were not 3 consecutive days) doing x12 diamond pushups…