Skill progression issue

Hi team,

First of all, love the app! Completely addicted in a good way.

Have a question, I’ve done a lot of push-ups and on the skill progression I’ve passed all the steps (see pictures below - not allowed to put more than one picture…). However I haven’t received the badge for it. Same issue goes for the knee jump.

Any idea why this is the case? I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall the app. Using an iPhone with the latest iOS. Not a big deal but more for myself.

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Hi there Bee :wave:t2: And a big welcome :muscle:t2:

Can you share a screenshot what is shown in your achievement screen?


Yes sure

Any idea?

I’ve sent you a direct message :+1:t2:


Hi, some of my badges aren’t shown even if I’ve completed them successfully. And the coach is still providing me the same exercises. How so?

Hey Aaron :wave:t2:

There are a few things to generally note with the Skill Progressions:

You won’t get a badge if you complete an exercise successfully-you will only get a badge if the Coach considers that you have mastered an exercise completely. For example, if I do 10 pushups perfectly, this is not enough for the Coach to consider that I have mastered pushups.

You can also master a Skill, and then lose it after a period of time. For example just because one could do 20 Pushups perfectly today, does not mean that in 6 months time this is still the case.

Even once you mastered a Skill the Coach will still assign them occasionally as part of a session.


Hi Ben,

thank you for your reply.

I’d appreciate some clarification about the parameters that determine the mastering of exercises… I don’t get why should I repeat periodically simple push-ups as a technical advance when I complete one-arm push-ups flawlessly. The latter has not even been recorded as a completed skill progression. The same happens for Kettle-bell snatches (still at step one when I’ve successfully complete all of them) and devil’s presses which I’ve done a few times providing the proper feedback.

Moreover I do not see a proper engagement for the level of fitness I’ve reached. Even though I select higher levels of difficulty, the workouts remain pretty much the same. And I’d like more variety of exercises. For instance I’m a pull-up bar lover but i don’t get more than kipping/ strict pull-ups. I’ve never had butterfly Pullups, Chin ups and clapping pull ups. Nor much of exercises for the shoulders since I’m still struggling with handstand pushups…

Finally, I’m doing the “Weights Free Gain” TJ with the inclusion of kettle-bells and dumbbells among the equipment. Again I don’t see much of suck equipment in my workouts. I think you should consider to plan a brand new TJ where all the equipment could be used in a miscellaneous fashion providing the possibility to record the weights used.

Bottom line: it’s years I’ve been using Freeletics and I’m getting bored somehow…

Thank you for your support!!


Re the below :point_down:t2: Can you share a screenshot of what badges you have showing in the app?

Regarding looping around Skills again. In any training cycle you can get asked to do exercises that you might already have completed previously. If the Coach never assigned exercises as a skill that one had completed previously then you would never have the opportunity to work on these in a dedicated section of your session. Even professional athletes spend a lot of time working on the technique of exercises that they have mastered. The Skill Progression is dedicated time to really focus on your technique, and no matter what level an Athlete is, this can be hugely useful.

Just as a tip, if you want to more regularly get certain Skill assignments such as those on the Muscleup path or on the Handstand Pullup path is to deactivate every other skill. The Coach will then more regularly assign exercises focusing solely on those skills.

You shouldn’t, at the moment expect to get a lot of exercises using weights in such sessions. The Journey is aimed at mainly at Athletes who want to train without weights.

That being said, one area we certainly will work on in the future is to give you more control over the training you are assigned, which would hopefully allow you to indicate to the Coach that you want to use more weights in your sessions, essentially allowing you to do exactly the below :point_down:t2:



Thank you for the thorough reply.

Very much appreciated.


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Hello Ben, I have a similar issue as the first in this topic.

Today I saw that I may have Stand-ups mastered as shown in the next pic:

But when I went to see my badges I don’t see the stand-up one:

Thanks in advance.

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