Removing/replacing exercises


I am doing the hybrid training path. I like it however my elbow hurt while doing pull over and triceps extension, is there any way to replace these ones? I can lower the weight to practically none, but then don’t really see the point…


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Hi clement

I am going through similar stuff as you. I’m on dumbbell gain journey.
Sometimes with higher weights and higher volume I can feel like my right elbow is not that happy with intensity. Same goes with my left knee.

What helps me is I do try to focus more on mobility and stretching exercises as much as I can on off days. I’m far from perfect but this has reduced the pain I had before.

Don’t think you can replace exercises. Possibly you can exclude certain body parts but that feature never helped me much.
What I do sometimes is I just replace exercise myself.
For example, I hate “Superman” exercise with passion :sweat_smile:
I just do leg raises or something else instead.

Hope this helps.