Resistance band exercises in the app

Hi! I have a couple of resistance bands from Freeletics. Does the Freeletics app Coach includes exercises with the bands in the training?
I was a subscriber of Freeletics in the past but I remember that it never included exercises with the bands in its trainings. Has this changed?

There are some intervals including Resistance Bands you can choose from Explore Tab.
By now, there is no Training Journey including them.

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Mel is exactly correct here. There is no integration with Resistance Bands in any of the Training Journeys but you can find some standalone resistance band workouts that you can complete at any time.

Thanks. It’s a shame as they seem really useful. Just out of curiosity, can you please explain why they are not included in the journeys?

I can try!

I think the first thing to consider here is that are lots of features that different Athletes want included in the App, and unfortunately we just can’t work on all of them at the same time.

Another factor that we came across when we looked at this integration initially, was the wide variation in band strength across different band manufacturers. So, as an example, an “easy” band would vary in it’s resistance depending on where you purchased it. If we compare this to a dumbbell weight for example, 5 kilograms will always be 5 kilograms, no matter where you bought your dumbbell.

We haven’t given up on introducing bands to journeys, it’s just not something that will be introduced in the near future.


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