Resistance band journey required

It would be very interesting to have this journey.
A 4 week journey would be very beneficial.
Doing a resistance band journey before a barbell dumbel or kettlebell journey will lay the foundation for the muscle building process.


@Ben what are your thoughts ?

Hey Elton :wave:t2:

I’ll make sure it’s at least discussed in the team :+1:t2: We get a lot of requests for different Training Journeys using different equipment.

My own view, and this really is just my own personal opinion speaking as a member of the community, is that more journeys are not the answer to these requests, but rather a more holistic solution is to give athletes more control of, and the ability, to train how they want to.

For example, in this case, with the right solution in place you could just tell the Coach, “Hey, I want to train with just resistance bands over the next 4 weeks” and you would have suitable training in place.

The most common other example of this would be for all those users saying they want a more wide ranging hybrid strength training experience. You could simply inform the Coach of all the equipment you want to use and, hey presto, there’s your own journey to follow. There shouldn’t be a need to develop a whole new Training Journey to do this, there could just be a single Training Journey, and we get to modify it based on how we want to train, and to which goal etc etc



@Ben That actually sounds so great, I’d love it!

Hi, sorry for joining your thread. I fully agree with you regarding the holistic approach and disapprove the workaround you propose or rather I agree with its result but in my opinion there if not a journey, then should be at least a button, tile or something that make the very same result but in more intuitive way. This the part in which freeletics suffers the most. In fact it is very good, but it is not intuitive in my opinion. It supposes users will find ways but it does not make it easier to them.

Hi @Ben there is an update which says you can talk to the coach on google play, however my app is all updated but I cannot see that option.

How do I tell coach that I want to train with resistance band ? Is this the update feature your talking about ? But i cant see the coach + option in my app…

@Elton25Mascarenhas To enable coach+, your mobile and your app language settings have to be English. Not sure if you additionally have to be a beta user.
But what you want to request will not work. At the actual stage of coach+ you just can ask some general information - not on personal base (given by training history). And it has no impact to your coach sessions.

My language settings are english but i still canr see the coach + and im the beta tester too

Yeah, it’s not rolled out to 100% of users yet so that’s not a huge surprise that you might not be seeing it.

In any case, as @melaLetics stated, this :point_up:t2: is not possible.

I think my initial response caused some confusion. I was simply replying to your question, that I was not at all convinced (personally) that more Training Journeys are the answer to this kind of request. I did a quick search, and can see more than 10 different requests for new journeys so far this year alone.