Resistance band

I’ve ben training with freelethics for a couple of years now. So far I have only trained with my body weight. To make things more interesting I acted on a mail from freelethics and bought some resistance band, see image. I was surprised not to find any training sessions where they are used. Best case scenario I just didn’t find where they were. Could someone help me with this?

The small resistance bands seem not to be included by now. So you just can use them on your own.

What kind of resistance bands are they? Never seen them before :thinking: Probably just something that isn’t used integrated in to the app.

These bands are new in the Freeletics shop for a week or so.

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OK, that is a bit disappointing. If I have to train by myself it kind of ruins the idea of having freelethics…

Just return them. In my experience you do not need extra equipment if doing bodyweight. I only have a pull-up bar. The training in the app itself is great!

Possible that they will be included.