Resting time in Strength Intervals


I am currently doing the explosive strength training journey and had a quick question. I was given a strength interval with 4 exercises and low reps (5 sets). However, the rest time was only 50 seconds. Is this not too short a rest time for a strength based interval. I was under the impression that strength intervals should have longer rest time (i.e approx 2 minutes or until heart rate normalizes) otherwise it would be training more endurance. Can anyone give some advise on this?


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So I think it’s important to remember here that the Freeletics Bodyweight experience is really rooted in Bodyweight High Intensity Interval Training (it’s a mouthful so I’ll just call this BW-HIIT from now on!). BW-HIIT is a form of training that mixes high-intensity Bodyweight exercises with a short rest period.

So, in our context, a strength based BW-HIIT interval is a circuit of exercises that is a bit more strength oriented/complex (based on an Athletes training level and previous Coach feedback), that can be performed for less reps.

The goal of these strength focused intervals is not the development of maximal strength, where one would put a lot of load in to an interval with a much longer rest period, eg 2-3 minutes, but rather to develop one’s working capacity and strength-endurance.

In short, the 50 seconds rest here is in line with what we might expect for what you describe.

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Thanks for clarifying that @Ben. That does make sense now! I am currently training 5x/week with this training journey so I suppose training at HIIT 5 x a week is not that great an idea if im looking to develop strength and some hypertrophy as well. Or what do you think? Any advise as to what may be the best option here?

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No worries @Zeeshaan, we’re all here to help each other :muscle:t2:

I think this really depends on what your goal is and what, if any, additional training you are doing in addition to Freeletics. If you are doing additional work regularly throughout the week then 5 days may be a bit too much :sweat_smile:

If your weekly training is mainly focused around Freeletics then this 5 days a week is probably about right, as long as your nutrition, sleep pattern and everything else is geared towards supporting this training regime.

Out of interest, have you taken a wee peek at “Weights Free Gain”? It sounds like it might be more geared towards what you are looking for.


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At the moment I am only doing freeletics. I will stick with the explosive strength journey as I’m also looking at improving my VO2 max currently. I also like completing a full training journey before moving to the next one.

My next journey will definitely be the weights-free-gain. I’ll be adding in some plyometric training with it!

Thanks for the reply and keep me updated about the calisthenic skills progression feature as well!

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Yeah, I think the 5x a week training is good here then :muscle:t2: Don’t be shy to change the number of days training though it if you find it’s too much. Do you add anything to your regular Coach sessions from the Explore tab or are you strictly “Coach only” training?

I’ve added a few short core workouts from the explore tab recently which I find quite good! I am looking to challenge myself more on the muscular coordination side of things so I may opt to work on skills progressions and mobility seperately 2-3x week and make my coach sessions 3 x week. That way I’m hoping the workouts will complement each other.

I’ve started working more on my nutrition as well!

Thanks for the advice! :+1: