Few suggestions for Weight Training workouts

  1. Add Skill progression to the weighted workouts
  2. Increase the days count to 7 instead of 5
  3. Hybrid strength is a decent to start point but it would be good to have HIIT for 2 days and rest 5 days weights. Lower 2 days, upper 2 days – using both barbell and dumbell. 1 day full body using only kettlebell and resistance bands.
  4. Add more exercises for weighted workouts, instead of only 3 per day.
    The reason I am saying I have to additionally use another app to create workouts and combine with what I do on Freeletics. If I do Hybrid strength I created 2 days workouts in another app and I do that on my rest days. It would be better if these suggestions could be incorporated in the app.
    Else the best option is to allow users to create their own training sessions or ask user the user to create a sample sessions for a week and use the AI to create rest sessions for the custom plans.

Hi gks10 and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You can already train 7 days per week using the coach. If you set your training days to Monday til Friday, you just start the new training week on Saturday.