Training frequency

Hi there! I just started my journey having as goal muscle building.
Since I’m mesomorph I use to go cycling 1out 2 days (15kms high speed) together with intermittent fasting in order no to gain fat!
I’m wondering if its a good mix 1 day cycling / 1 day HIIT with Freeletics? Or if I should avoid mixing both? Or if rest is needed the day after a HIIT training?
I understand HIIT is not recommended every day.
Many thanks for your advices!

Hi and welcome to the forum!

I have my own doubts about body types as a concept, but I won’t go there right now. Sorry for starting with a bit of scepticism :grimacing: it is directed at all the info being circled on media about body types, not at you :v:

If you were not thinking of body types - what would you say your fitness goals were? Based on your individual body in its current state, and on what you’d like to achieve.

Just to be clear, you mean you go cycling once-twice every week and want to do Freeletics once a week?
I’m afraid it could be hard to build muscle that way, because it may be too little. Also in order to gain muscle you need to get in enough protein and be above your daily calorie intake.

Sorry for my english! My idea would be

Monday: Freeletics
Tuesday: cycling
Wednesday: Freeletics
Thursday: cycling
Friday: Freeletics

(if no better than resting also on week end)

Saturday: cycling
Sunday: Freeletics

hope it is clearer! Thank you for your opinion,

Hi Sofia, thank you! My goal is gaininf muscle but I really love cycling so wondering if both are compatible (1 day cycling - 1 day Freeletics and so on)! Thanks for your opinion, cheeses, Julien

Hola Julien!

Here you have an article where you can read some suggestions and an expample of planning for your training and seasons. It includes the source of the information, in case you want to know further.

Hope it helps you :wink: :muscle:t3:

Muchas gracias Rafa! Its exactly what I need to know :wink: Saludos from beautiful Spain :sunglasses:

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