Roll back a skill progression?


I have been progressing into the “pistol squad” skill and I’m right now into the point of 16 pistol squat, that I guess is the last before getting the exercise into the regular training.
The thing is, I noticed that doing this amount of pistol squats is giving me some pain in my left knee at the next day. Right knee is totally ok.
I would like to roll back the skill, like to the previous step or something like that, so I can follow the progression at a slower pace giving my left knee some time to get used to it.

Is it possible to do this kind of roll-back?

Thank you.

Hey Zemua :wave:t2:

You can do this :+1:t2: Essentially giving the Coach very negative feedback on the skill, i.e. “Not great-I couldn’t perform any repetitions with correct technique” should start the roll back. But you need to keep giving this feedback if the current progression step is too difficult.