Shred and Burn or Hardcore

Hi guys,

The oldest freeletics question, what journey next?

I have completed weights free gain, dumbbell gain and explosive strength. I am looking for the next challenge.

I am looking for something that gives me the best boost on both strength and cardio. Looking to add some mass.

Shred and burn looks interesting and I have seen posts here saying it is great. Hardcore looks like the way to go but I am afraid it may be more thna what I can handle.

Anyone have experience with both? How is the possibility to gain mass with either?

I did enjoy dumbbell gain, but missed the cardio component. So I want something closer to explosive strength but even harder.


Shred & burn and Hardcore are pretty different.

I just completed Shred and burn (Tone & Tighten, for women). I liked it. The sessions were not too long, between 30-60 min. It doesn’t require a pull-up bar. Difficulty compares with Weights free gain, which I did prior.

Hardcore has noticeably longer sessions (probably an hour on average) and requires a pull-up bar. So, pretty different and more intense.

You’d probably get a boost in strength and cardio on either one, especially if you focus on technique and consistency. As for adding mass, I believe in muscle hypertrophy. Pushing intensity, adding weights. And on top of that focusing on nutrition for gaining mass - consume more calories than expend, and have a good protein intake.

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