Skill progression app issues

Hi there,

maybe i dont get it right how skill progressions work and when they will unlock. but currently there are some issues.

For example:

the third milestone for legraises isnt unlocked but i already get the exercise dragonflags in my journey and the first milestone for dragonfalg is also unlocked while the skillprogression tap is still greay.
Same thing for Pushups.

(will also add pictures so u can see what i mean)

Maybe u should also do a FAQ or bigger writeup to describe how the skill progression really works and what are the conditions for unlocking the next milestone cause currently its a huge “black box” at least for me.

Also dont get me wrong i love that feature cause it gives extra motivation to learn skills and pushing me to and beyond my boundaries.


I have the same problems. I’m still learning jackknives but i regularly get dragonflags by the Coach. I deactivated dragonflags and will activate the exercise when i feel ready to do but you’re right…it would be great if we get some more information about how the feature works.

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i didnt deactivate any exercise. so the dragonflag should be unlocked otherwise its a bug and i guess it was already adressed for the pushups in another thread few weeks back.

Hey Christopher :wave:t2:

Yeah, we are trying to do some work on this to make it a bit clearer, in the app, what needs to be done for each skill progression as we appreciate it could be clearer in a lot of cases.

From your screenshot it looks like the Dragonflags are blocked because you haven’t completed the “Leg raises” milestone yet. Once you do this, as long as you have the “Pole” enabled as an equipment piece in your Coach, the Dragonflags should unlock.


yeah that was my first thought as well but then the the first milestone for dragonflags shouldnt be unlocked as long as i dont manage to unlock leg raises milestone.
or am i wrong here?
cause leg raises is the foundation for core strength which is needed to do the dragonflag.

We definitely need to try and make this clearer :see_no_evil:

:point_up_2:t2: This isn’t correct no, the first milestone of Dragonflags is the Hollow Body Hold. Just because this first step is completed in the app, does not mean that further progression on this Skill Path is unlocked. You will definitely need to complete Leg Raises to unlock further progress in the Dragonflags Skill Progression.



thanks for the awesome information.

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