The coach isn't assigning me any core (abs) exercises with bar

I have been using freeletics for over a year now and for the past few months, I have not been getting any core exercises like (strict or not) Toes to bar, hanging knee or leg raises.

What might be the reason? A while back I had an unfortunate issue with a PB for hanging leg raises. I accidentally logged a PB for 10 hanging leg rises in 7-8 seconds. The next time I did it, it took about 20 seconds and the coach might have thought that hanging leg rises were too hard for me after that.

I didn’t know how to delete a logged exercises before but after I found out, I deleted all exercises related to bars for core muscles. In other words, I might have messed up the coach’s recommendation. Now, even if I manually log toes to bar, I am not getting any in my intervals, skill progressions or featured workouts.

As to my fitness level, I can reasonably do Jacknives, Reverse and corkscrew crunches (all +15) with proper technique. Is there a way to fix this?

Hey Bekhruz :wave:t2:

There could be a few reasons for this!

First of all, not all Training Journeys will have the same exercises in sessions to the same degree so you shouldn’t expect what you had previously to be repeated in any new Journey, even in the same kind of Journey.

Also, a lot of these exercises you talk about appear in the Full-Hanging Leg Wipers Skill Progression.
Have you enable this Skill Progression in your Coach settings?


Thank you very much for your response,

Yes, it is enabled but it has a red “Blocked” label under it. What might be the reason?

When I click on it, it says edit your coach settings to unblock the following exercises. But I don’t have any blocked exercises and equipment

No worries! Ok, so the Skill Progression is blocked for some reason. This is really another example of where we could do better trying to communicate in the app why such a Skill Progression is blocked. A bit like the below post :point_down:t2:

Can you check that you have the PU bar enabled and also your PU bar settings-you will probably need to enable all of the PU bar setting options to enable this whole Skill Progression.

A bit like this :point_down:


Wow, thanks. That worked!

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:wink: Great to hear! Hopefully you’ll start getting a few more of those exercises introduced now in your future training :+1:t2: