Taking hormone levels into account while creating coach days

I guess this one is interesting for women only.

While the menstrual cycle, a female athlete’s body is able to perform strength or endurance sports better. The intensity / load tolerance also fluctuates greatly due to the hormonal balance.
I wish that I could tell the coach: " Hey, I’m actually on my period so give me the strongest and hardest workout, thanks!" and it would decrease intensity in luteal phase.
That would help to work with not against my female body.

I think that could be a cool idea, just a quick question: I’ve read more often that the intensity level shouldn’t be as intense on your period. The first half is the best for intensity training (after the period)

I’m using whoop since August and it tells me to go hard as f**** the first day with my period. And yes: even two hell days in one day aren’t a problem.

And this seems absolutely reasonable because the oestrogens are as low as possible.

I suppose this is very individual. For example I am not able to train at all in the first 2 days due to weakness and general malaise. Day 3 is the 1st day where I can ease into gentle training.

Maybe it would be interesting to have a training cycle where the first half of the cycle is more strength-focussed, and the second one is more endurance and recovery-focussed.

However, as these are general trends only, and every woman’s health is individual, if implemented, this must work as a hybrid of that cycle combined with personal feedback that influences the initially proposed cycle in the app.