Thoughts on fizzy drinks?

Someone just sent me this video which both made me laugh and really made me think a bit about fizzy drinks.

I eat a fairly healthy diet, mainly plant based high carb low fat, but I will happily admit I’m a sucker for fizzy drinks. I’ve tried a couple of times to cut them out completely, but I’ve reached the point where I realise that it’s a sacrifice that I’m probably just not prepared to make :man_shrugging:t2:

Has anyone cut drinks like Coca-Cola, Pepsi or Sprite completely out of their diet? I would be interested in knowing:

  1. How you did it? :laughing:
  2. Any difference you have noticed in your training, weight or how you feel

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts and contributions :+1:t2:

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Soda was the first thing to go when I started eating healthy, I replaced it with other fizzy drinks link Spindrift and Pellegrino. I noticed a huge difference in my energy levels, keeping them more steady and reliable. I can’t say I noticed much of a training difference though.


No soft drinks at all since years.
I changed to plain still water, Erdinger non alcoholic or sparkling water/Apple juice mix if I need something sweeter. Works for me.

This press conference was crazy, wondering what would happen to a less known player.


I’m drinking, only mineral water for one and a half year, I cut all soft fizzy drinks and fruit juices out my diet (I prefer eating fruits).

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Ok, well, I’m soft drink free now for 24 hours :joy: Let’s see if I can keep this roll going.

He seems to have started a trend! :joy:

Yeah, fruit juices can be just as bad :see_no_evil: We actually have a great blog article about “healthy” drinks that perhaps aren’t as great as they seem :point_down:t2: I also skipped on the fruit juice yesterday :muscle:t2:

The one drink I absolutely will not be able to quit is coffee :rofl:

Today I only read a report according to which Ronaldo’s action at the press conference cost the Coca Cola group 4 million. The shares probably fell accordingly the day after.

I haven’t had fizzy drinks myself for years either. Water and, increasingly, coffee accompany me through the day. In general, I hardly ever consume any refined sugar, so convinient products are just way too sweet for me.


coffee is good only just before the workout as a fat burner, but sometimes I had 2 or 3 per day :nerd_face:

also this article is great, and it summarized the point!

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Per day? I think I usually have 3 before breakfast! :see_no_evil: Maybe I should cut down a little bit on the coffee as well :joy:

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:joy: :joy: :joy: Maybe they are a little too much.
Soft drinks and coffees: I can only imagine how “active” you are.

As I know some people, drink TAFT Coffee kind of very high Caffeinated Coffees before work out only (before workout only because of maximizing it fat burning effect). If you drink it regularly, the benefit of fat burning goes down, it said, as I searched via web. that’s what I would like to say.

I saw the stock dipping during the press conference. :rofl:
@Ben Well 1/4 apple juice in a Glas isn’t that bad, but true it’s still Sugar. Squeezing a lemon into sparkling water is also tasty or all the infused drinks (cucumber, mint or whatever) cooled over night.

:rofl: Poor Coca-Cola…I’m sure the stock price will come back after this.

No very true :+1:t2:

To sum up I’m now on my 3rd day soft drink free (don’t laugh those of you who have been free of your fizzy drink addiction for years-this is a milestone for me!), and I’m trying out a variety of infused water recipes :smiley:

Caffeine really is a huge performance enhancer. Did you know it was classed as a controlled substance in many sports for a long time? Even the Olympics!

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Same, water for me and an occasional black coffee. I don’t crash hang as much as i used to and generally feel more hydrated and alert

Sparkling water with fresh lemon juice is fantastic for rehydration after a tough workout, and find it feels more “rewarding” than plain water. Never been a fan of soda fortunately, all my “empty calorie” allowance is saved for a nice glass of red or a few beers now and again. Normally followed by a hard workout to sweat it out :slight_smile: