Too big size of meals

Hi, athletes!
I’ve started to use Nutrition recently.
I want to ask you about size of the meals.
I’m 173 cm tall and weigh 66 kilograms, but I’m not sure about correct sizes of my meals. At the first half of the day sizes are L. And it’s a lot of food for me and I eat through force.
Last “Snickers Porridge” was around 750 gramms total.

I use “Eat healylthy” coach focus.
Only I have such problem? Is it normal?

My wife and me using it together and we had the same issue. We ended up preparing suggested portions but eating them together split in half. Most of the time it’s hard to eat the half :slight_smile:
AFAIK you have to constantly give coach feedback by entering your weight changes, then it should adjust meal sizes based on this information. But it won’t work for us because we prepare same food for both of us and there is no option for that in the app, so we just don’t give feedback to coach.