Training sessions changes

I noticed that the coach changes the “next training session” alot lately.
It happens when I finish a workout (after concluding the cooldown), it changes the upcoming workouts in terms of volume, target muscles and even training type.
Even if I evaluate the current workout as moderate or good.
It’s a bit frustrating because it changes a lot, and sometimes after the coache’s workout and before cooldown, I want to add an exercise of my own, and I target muscles that will not affect the next day’s training (soreness, overuse), but then after finishing the entire session it changes and will target muscles or a trayning type that I did not foresee.
Is there anything to be done regarding this? Is this a normal behavior?
Your help is appreciated!

Hey @jkh1991 :wave:t2:

This is exactly what should be happening :+1:t2: The Coach will often use the feedback that you give it to tailor your future workouts to some degree, using it to ensure that your next sessions are at the right level to help you reach your fitness goals.