Replace exercise and report back

Just wondering… Is it possible to change one exercise in a coach session? I have noticed that I can change the program, but not a single exercise - for instant because of some handicap in my legs that changes on daily basis or if a day I’m REALLY sore, it would be amazing to replace a single exercise in the program that day for another similar…

And if you could be able to report back to the coach not only if the weights were to heavy, but also too easy. Sometimes I see that I could lift more than the program says and I have to exit the workout to change it…


Hey there @Susanne, welcome! :clapclaptwo:

Individually replacing a single exercise for just one Coach day at a time is not possible at the moment. But I agree, this feature towards hyper-individualization sounds like something a significant amount of Free Athletes would like to use and appreciate.
Therefor, I’d believe this would make for a great first entry over here:

If you don’t mind sharing it over there? :pray:
Our plan is to have our Product Managers and other relevant colleagues from within the product team in there to feel and check the voice of our community regularly and to get inspired by the ideas in there :rocket:

For the time being you still have multiple options:

  1. By using our Adapt Today feature you will be able to select the option " I want to exclude certain body areas" and then exclude certain areas of your body, which you might not feel like including into your Coach workout that day.
    Of course, please always pay close attention to the signals your body is giving you and allow the rest periods and recovery that’s needed (here’s why :wink: )

  2. You can use our Exclude Exercises feature to permanently exclude exercises - or you can just exclude them for the duration of your session that day and revisit these settings every time you feel like excluding something else due to soreness.
    *Little disclaimer here (as I have read that you are mainly into our Weights Training Journeys): The exclusion of weights exercises is not supported at the moment.

Regarding your second point:
The Coach feedback flow is already being worked on at the minute, so you can expect improvements there in the future :crossed_fingers:
For now, you will always be able to change the weights of your working sets before entering them - so while still being in the warm-up sets and then feeling like the weights these are progressing towards won’t be challenging enough for that Coach workout or might be too challenging.
Changing weights via this option will also be considered by the Coach when generating your future sessions.

Hope this helps?