Understand Your ‘Weekly Training Update’ Statistics

The weekly statistics email is designed to help you appreciate your achievements, measure your progress, and stay motivated on your fitness journey. The email is sent each Monday morning, at approximately 9:00 a.m. your time.

What is a week?

You will see statistics from the trainings you completed during the previous seven days. A week is calculated from 12:01 a.m. UTC on Monday to 11:59 p.m. UTC the following Sunday.

How the Coach computes your data in each category:

Workouts done:

This field shows all individual training activities you have accomplished in the previous week. Individual activities counted are God workouts, Intervals, Sprints, Runs, Skills progressions and Single exercises. Warmups and Cooldowns are not counted.

For example, if your Coach training session includes two Intervals, one Skill progression, and one God workout, this counts as four ‘workouts’. If you on the same day also did a Free Run, it would add another ‘workout’.

Note: you can see the total number of all ‘workouts’ you have done with Freeletics by clicking on the ‘Profile’ tab in the app and viewing the ‘Workouts’ field above.

Time trained:

Your time is calculated for all the ‘workouts done’ (see above) in the week, not including Warmups and Cooldowns.

God workouts completed:

This number includes any God workouts finished during this week either as part of or outside of your Coach training session.

Intervals performed:

This field includes all Intervals completed as part of your Coach training sessions during the week.

PBs earned:

This number includes all PBs earned for training activities completed as part of or outside of your Coach training sessions.

Current Level achieved:

This shows your Level based on how many points you have accumulated since you started as a Free Athlete. Keep in mind that your Level may not change from week to week as you progress.

To see how many points you need to achieve your next Level, click on the ‘Profile’ tab in the app and tap on the ‘Level’ field above.

This is currently only available to Coach users. Please check your newsletter preferences to enable your ‘Weekly Training Update’ email.