Understand your Bodyweight Training Session

Your training session is a complete workout which includes different elements providing you with a comprehensive experience from Warmup to Cooldown. The intensity and focus of each workout varies throughout the week, based on your past performance and feedback. You can expect training sessions containing Interval workouts which focus on improving your technique, as well as sessions focused on beating your personal best time (PB). Should you need to adapt your training day, you can use the Adapt session feature.

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Dynamic Warmup

It is important to warm up before any kind of exercise in order to avoid injury. The right warm up can significantly boost your performance during your Freeletics trainings. Each training session will include a Dynamic Warmup, designed to prepare you for your workout. The warmup is meant to activate your cardiovascular system, as well as the the interaction between your muscular and nervous system.

Skill Progression

Skill progressions give you the opportunity to perfect your technique without any time pressure and allow the Coach to learn from you. The Coach will also use Skill progression sessions to progress you from time to time towards more advanced exercises to see if they can be implemented into your training plan. However, if you get assigned an exercise that you are not able to perform, you should always give the proper feedback.
Awarding yourself with a Star in your technique feedback will let your Coach know to assign you more repetitions of this exercise next time.

God Workouts

God Workouts are a given set of exercises which have to be completed in the exact same order and number as stated. The Coach assigns you either full or partial Workouts which can vary in terms of volume and focus. God Workouts are all about speed and trying to achieve a new PB (Personal Best). Do them as fast as possible, while trying to maintain a good quality of movement.

Partial God Workouts

Your Coach may plan partial Workouts as part of your training. For example, the Coach may give you Aphrodite 2/5. In this case, the standard Aphrodite Workout has 5 rounds, of which the Coach has assigned you 2 rounds to complete. The partial Workouts are very important for your personal progress. Your Coach optimizes the volume of your training to maximize its efficiency. This allows you to perform even faster and to quickly get used to the combination of exercises. Then you’re better prepared for the real challenge – when you have to face a full Workout later on.


Intervals are completely flexible, adaptable trainings, tailored to you by your Coach. They are designed according to your past performances and your goal. There are three types of Interval trainings: Endurance, Conditioning, and Strength. Each of these is targeted towards a very specific goal. There is no timer in any Interval. Focus even more on performing all the movements with perfect form at the speed that your Coach defines. That way you can improve the quality of your movements, and progress to more difficult exercises. Intervals are results-driven and designed for you to reach your personal goal.


Runs are a given distance, and can be everything from a short sprint, to medium distances, to longer distances. Runs are ideal for training cardiovascular and muscular endurance but also to complement a strength training program. When they are given to you by your Coach, try to perform them as fast as possible.

Active Cooldown

The Active Cooldown is an important part of your complete workout. In your Freeletics training, your cooldown routine includes static stretching designed to re-establish the range of motion of your muscles and joints. Remember to always include a cooldown after any workout as it accelerates the body’s recovery and regeneration processes.