Undo skill progression

Hi all,
I am in the skill progression path to strict pull-ups and I have a pull-up bar for the doorframe, so I don’t have to hang when touching the bar.
The other day I tried doing chin ups for fun and was quite impressed that it worked and after that I tried strict pull ups, which also worked. So I put them proudly into the app.
A few weeks later I found out that I involuntarily cheated because I didn’t start hanging but standing, which is waay easier.
Now I want to undo that in the skill progression and go back to my jumping pull ups. I already deleted the exercises but the coach still gives me chin ups for progression…

So now the question: is there any way to delete that or will he go back when I tell him often enough that I can’t do chin ups yet and will go back to jumping pull ups?

Have a nice week!

That’s exactly how it works :slight_smile:
Keep on pulling :muscle: