Technical progression and badges

Hello there,

There is something I cannot understand.
In “Profile” I have the badges for the one-handed pushups et for the leg raises, which means I have mastered these skills.
So why in the coach settings, these skills are written:

  • Leg raises: Step two of three and
  • One-handed pushups, Step three of four
    … Which means I have not finished yet? How can I do to have it finished in Coach and then deactivate them?
    Thank you for your answer… Ben: You know everything…What does it means? I am confused. And by the way, thank you for the answer you told me for the dumbbells…

As far as I know the coach will reset your progression in a skill in case of not doing it regularly.
E.g. the OH Pushups. You mastered all necessary progressions and gained the batch. But I guess you haven’t done that much OHPU afterwards? This exercise isn’t that basically as Leg Raises or normal pushups (not sure: is there any god workout with OHPU?***), so in case of deactivating that skill path, you won’t do that skill regularly and chances are good you “unlearn” them. That’s why the Skill Path drops back to a previous step after a several time.

*** Yes there is exactly one god workout with OHPU: Aias.

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Pretty much everything that @melaLetics said :+1:t2:

It’s been asked a few times previously, but essentially in any training cycle you can get asked to do exercises that you might already have completed previously. If the Coach never assigned exercises as a skill that one had completed previously then you would never have the opportunity to work on these in a dedicated section of your session, particularly if you haven’t done them in some time. Even professional athletes spend a lot of time working on the technique of exercises that they have mastered. The Skill Progression is dedicated time to really focus on your technique, and no matter what level an Athlete is, this can be hugely useful.


OK. And as I deactivated some exercices, how can I do to activate them again. I cannot find it. Thank you for your answers and information.