use a workout from the previous day

Hi, I’m training with the coach 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). However, there are days when I can’t train but I can the next day. The problem is that I can’t use the training from the previous day because it’s no longer available and it goes to the next day. How can I do the training from the previous day to complete the week? Thanks and I’m happy with the app.

Hey Alberto :wave:t2:

I’m not sure I fully understand as there shouldn’t be a problem here-any training that you have scheduled for the current day that you don’t do today automatically gets pushed back to the next day.

So, for example, if you can’t train today but you can tomorrow, your training scheduled for today will automatically get moved to tomorrow (whether it’s a scheduled training day or not), and any other subsequent training gets pushed back to your next scheduled training days.


Thank you Ben
I understand