Variety of 15 min, self-weight, exercises

I’m wondering. if I want to perform approx. 15 min workout that work on flexibility, balance, and strength. Would I have enough variety of exercises? Can I tell the coach to emphasize on the back for example?

The Training Journeys are designed for strength and/or endurance. There is neither a way to adapt a session so it is a flexibility and balance one nor to tell the coach you want to focus a specific body part.
If you want to do some flexibility routines there are some good ones under Regeneration & Stretching.

Where is Regeneration & Stretching?

Coach Tab → scroll down on actual day to “six pack menu” and tab on Regeneration & Stretching (depending on your phone language setting, the wording could vary - mine is in German).

@melaLetics On my app (in English) the “Recovery” option is not directly visible in the “six pack menu” (didn’t know that work lol :smile:) - I’ve to click on “Explore All” to access the Recovery&Stretching workouts under the “Mobility” section (also with Warmups & Cooldown)

Hi @Yanne, that’s totally normal! If you want to have 15-minute-Workouts, I can highly recommend you the Training Journey “15 min Fitness”.

Hi @Lara thanks for your message :slight_smile:
I wasn’t the original author of this topic, so I guess this :point_down: is for @shterman ?