Weight-Jurney without weightlifter exercises


Quick question about the Jurneys. I would like to do a jurney that is structured the same as the hybrid jurney, but just without barbell sets. So still lots of interval workouts with some exercises that require weights (e.g. Dumbell Flies), just no more barbell sets. Is this what I find in the explosive-strength?

Background is that I already teared my back several times during barbell squads and deadlifts, so that I had to break a few days (probably wrong technique despite many Youtube tutorials) and I am now just too afraid to destroy my back in the long term.

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Hey Josh :wave:t2:

So, as I’m sure you know there is no Hybrid Journey for smaller weights so it’s not really possible to do exactly what you would like.

Journey wise, enabling DBs in your Coach settings for a Bodyweight Journey, the Coach will assign appropriate DB exercises in intervals but, you won’t get a DB interval as such. You can get the Coach to focus on some DB exercises by making sure you activate the DB Skill Paths.

If you are really looking for DB intervals, then the DB Training Journey is the way to go-you’ll often get a mix of DB and BW exercises in intervals. However, you’ll also get exercises such as DB Squat varieties, and Single Leg Deadlifts which brings me on to the most important point I would make :point_down:t2:

Please please go and see a doctor or physio who can take a look at your back and any associated pain you are feeling. It’s going to be absolutely fine to take some time, get some medical expertise, and then start training again. Even, :crossed_fingers:t2:, if you get the all clear, having the confidence that your back is ok will allow you to train worry free and to give your maximum in your sessions.