Weighted Bodyweight & Coach-AI

I am using the coach while wearing a weighted vest.
But I would also like to train in between my “coach days” WITHOUT the vest. Does the AI take these workouts into account when generating/adapting new training sessions based on my “abilities”?

For example:
I CAN do muscle-ups without the vest and would like to exercise them,… Or I would like to see if I can beat my Aphrodite/Dione PBs which I set 2-3 years ago (without any added weight),…
BUT I wouldn’t like to see Dione or MuscleUps in my AI-generated Coach-Week. (Nor would I be able to do them with +20kg)

Yes, the Coach would take these data into account.
The only “exercise” not being taken into account is a Free Run.
Concerning MU you could disable them for the coach by setting the Pullup Bar Options in Equipment Overview.