How to read barbell weight

Hi all, I am new here, I was wondering how I should read the barbell weight given by the app. For example if it says 20kg, does it mean I have to put a plate of 20kg on each side, or 10 on each side or just the bar, as my bar weights 20kg. TIA

Hey Julie, a big welcome :wave:t2:

The weight is ALWAYS the total weight :+1:t2:

So if your bar weighs 20kg and you are assigned 20kg, you just use the bar. If you are assigned 25kg, you would add 2.5kg to each end.

Just a note that sometimes the Coach might assign a lighter weight than even your bar. If you don’t have access to a lighter weight of bar, you can just use a plate, or dumbbell or something else suitable :+1:t2:

Hope that helps!



Thank you very much Ben :blush:

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Any time!


I had the same question - thanks @Ben!