What does “Do you want to mark it as complete?” accomplish?


I wasn’t able to finish my session on Sunday because of this bug (ticket #962534 for reference; I didn’t log anything manually), and now the app is asking me “Do you want to mark it as complete?” which is rather silly because the only choice I’m given is “Yes, mark as complete.”

But what does “mark complete” mean, exactly? And shouldn’t this be explained in the UI? I don’t want to mark exercises that I didn’t do as done.

Thanks for any insights on this!

Hey Aggie :wave:t2:

Urgh, I’m sorry to hear that this has affected you. I can’t see any other reports of this bug being back but I’ll take another look.

Re this :point_up:t2: Marking it as complete isn’t the only option you have. If you scroll back to the session that isn’t complete, you can actually log any remaining part of the session should you want to :point_down:t2:

Marking the session as complete basically ends your previous incomplete session, allowing you to start a new one.

Hope that’s clearer :+1:t2:


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