What does "One side counts as one" mean? The Coach is telling me to do 20 lunges, is that 20 on the left and 20 right?

For exercises that indicate “One side counts as one repetition” (swipe up on the exercise tutorial video in the app for specific instructions on each video), when you perform the right side you should count 1 repetition, then left side 2 repetitions and so on. The assigned number of repetitions equals the total number, left and right sides combined.

Let’s use Lunges as an example:

20 Lunges = 10 left leg + 10 right leg

If you are ever given an odd number of reps to do in such a case you can add an extra one to make sure each side does the same amount of work. #domorenotless



Hi @Ben ,

I have been having some issues interpreting this myself. When I look at the example given it says “One Side Counts as One Repetition” as opposed “Each Side counts as one” .

For something like 20 luges I can see that as being 10 Lunges per side, but the Hybrid journey will have 10 Barbell Lunges with the same instructions. It is really not clear nor is it very consistent.

Another example is dumbell curls same count directions but there will be a high rep count like 24 which makes sense to count each side.

Is it possible that depending on the exercise it is interpreter differently?

Thanks for your help.


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Hi @dave.giancaspro, I really don’t understand your confusion. There is no exception concerning “each side count as one rep”. 10 Barbell Lunges means five each side. That doesn’t seem to be much but the weight should be chosen so 10 reps aren’t that easy peasy.

hi @melaLetics

The instructions say “One Side Counts as One Repetition” not “Each Side counts as one Repetition”.

Each Side counts as one Repetition” is unambiguous where as “One Side Counts as One Repetition” can be interpreted as “Pick one side when you perform the exercise on that side count one repetition”

That is the source of my confusion. If you are telling me to interpret the phrase “One Side Counts as One Repetition” as “Each Side counts as one Repetition” then that is what I will do. Just understand that the wording can ambiguous.

In German, that’s really clear described as “each side”.

I think with the last instruction to alternate sides this should be relatively straightforward, but I will change the first post here to reflect the language used in the app :+1:t2:

To answer your question Dave, they essentially mean the same thing here.


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