What is the sutiable morning Exercise


I was just wondering, what is recommended as a 15-30 minutes morning training or kind of morning exercise.

my training plan is as following:

I do Freeletics barbell gain workout 3 times a week, 1 day off, and the other days between cycling training and strength workout.

my goal is not much other than gaining muscles and getting in shape with no rush!
also, do you guys recommend any exercises that help to manage pushpress techniques?

Thanks :slight_smile:

What about entering a group-challenge with about 50 or 100 Burpees each morning? I recommend just something short in the morning to get your metabolism on fire (help to getting shredded).
I do a lot of sling training things (like TRX) in the morning to get my shoulders and back in the mood for the day and prevent overload problems.

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I like this idea, the best idea to warm up your body and increase metabolism :slight_smile:
do you know if there is such a challenge on Freeletics ? or simply do it alone :)?

I am not shure, if the group challenge feature is already available in the regular app (I am a Beta tester… u can become one too if you want, just activate Beta in your app store)

Second option is to enter a freeletics community (e.g. telegram/whatsapp group) and start this challenge together via chat.