What's the proper movement for jumping jacks?

The freelectics app instructs to do jumping jacks while having your hands above your head when you land with your feet together, and the hands on the side when you land with your feet wider than shoulder length.

I have always done jumping jacks with the opposite movement coordination: hands on the sides when feet are together and hands above the head when feet are wide. I have to admit the freelectics app motion feels weird and less explosive than the one I’m used to.

What is the correct form and body movement technique? Is the freelectics app wrong?

Thanks for your input and sharing your opinion!


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Hi @eusebio.olalde , welcome to the forum.

I am no health professional pr fitness professional, but I think from experience it doesn’t really matter. As long as you are jumping, and alternating legs and arms, the stimulus of the movement will be the same either way.

In my opinion, feel free to perform this movement however you prefer. I don’t think it is considered bad form to do the opposite of what the app says for this.


I am with you. When I started Freeletics, I was also surprised when I saw the technique they display in the video and I had to double-check the description to see if the video was wrong, but the description suggests the same technique.

The standard form that is widely recognised as correct is to raise your arms when your feet are apart.

In the Freeletics app, either they made an error or it is a rare variation. I have not come across this variation anywhere else, although I’ve trained in different countries and disciplines. If it is a variation, they should specify its name and benefits, as everyone keeps getting confused over it.

I agree with Tom in that you can choose whichever way you prefer. In this instance, I don’t think there’s any danger or a big difference in performance in you choose one technique over the other.