Correct exercising of Burpees

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I get straight to the point: I got the feeling that the woman in the video for the “Burpee” exercise does it wrong. Because how the instruction sound like is that the execution implements a pushup movement. Despite that, the movement of the woman looks clearly different from that; more like a knee push up. (see pictures)

I can recall from the “early days” of freeletics that the “softer” knee pushup version was the state of mind. Check the video here and you can see it clearly: Burpees Instructions on YouTube

So can some of the professionals / Coaches in this Community help me out with this issue? Because I feel like the difference between the old version and the new version are crucial when it comes to performance measures. Doing 25 Burpees in a row e.g. with the old version, but with a freeletics algorithm that interprets this as 25 Burpees in the newer version might undermine the value of that feature.

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Welcome Timu, and thanks for the question :wave:t2:

So here, what is shown in the video is correct :+1:t2: Our burpees are not a strict Pushup to go off the floor, but rather a Knee Pushup. However, this does not mean you are allowed to arch your lower back during the pushup phase. You should maintain a straight line shoulders-back-hips-knees.

Hope that’s clear :clapclapstatic:


Nick explained the Burpee and what the central components of one are in this video. Definitely worth checking out! : Burpees | Freeletics 2 Minutes to Master - YouTube


Thanks to both of you! This solved my worries entirely!

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