Trainings got to difficult

I started Freeletics and was very happy. However, trainings got very difficult. I quit using since I was not motivated at all. Please help and tell me how to decrease dificulty

Hi @b28cmjj64z , and welcome to the forum!
It is absolutely normal that the training is somewhat difficult to push you.
However, if the training is way too difficult and you can’t train and feels unmotivated, the most important that you can do is to give accurate feedback to the coach, saying that the training was too hard and you couldn’t reps. Feel free to also use the “Adapt” button to ask the coach to have an easier session.

If all the sessions are too hard, maybe you could also try and use a different training journey that are more beginner friendly like Fit for Life or Start Strong.

Good luck on your Journey !


Hey @b28cmjj64z :wave:t2:

I just want to follow up on this-were you able to change your Training Journey and felt able to train since this post?