Where to find my PB weight for Barbells Journey


I just finished the journey Hybrid Strength and I improved my marks on weight a lot but I can’t them anywhere on the app.

Now I want to start with the Barbells Journey and you need to give that information upfront but my memory is not good to remember what was my best marks on weight and repetitions per exercise :see_no_evil:.

Someone knows where is that info available?

I guess you have to determine it as you should specify your 1RM. And if I remember correctly, this will never be used in the Journeys (just did the Hybrid Syrength).

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I kind of filled them by memory but my memory is not so good anymore haha, so I could underestimate or underestimate.

I think should be good to include those weight exercises in the section of single exercises in the Explore tab, and we can see our marks :blush::blush:

but how should that be implemented sensibly? The bodyweight exercises have repetitions and you improve your PB by doing them faster. But what about weightlifting? Time, load, reps?

In weight lifting the coach adds more weight every time and reduce the repetitions. So what you need to know is your marks per exercises. For example:
40kg X 3 times in deadlift. Currently In every session you give feedback about if it was too much or not. That’s how you indicate how good was for you that weight with the amount of repetitions.

I would like to have a record of what was my latest weight and repetitions per exercise that I rated as good and I could finish without problems. :blush::blush:

I had the same problem two weeks and the only thing that helped was going through my workouts and finding the last time I did Deadlifts etc. :see_no_evil: Profile → Workouts → Recents → lots of scrolling :smiley:

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