Whoop Integration

Does Whoop integrate with Freeletics? I noticed that for one set workout Freeletics routine, it was picked up in Whoop as a functional workout.

No, it doesn’t. Whoop notices that you did in fact a workout - due to it’s sensor not because of an integration.
I would highly welcome an integration into whoop - but I guess it’s a whoop develop task. There’s a big difference concerning calculated intensity in a noticed or logged HIIT workout (with Whoop isn’t knowing what I do exactly) or the same workout using the Whoop Strength Trainer (whoop knows exactly what exercises I’m doing).

Ok, thanks for the update. That makes sense. Yes, using Strength Trainer on Whoop though not convinced the effort recoded is matching my perceived effort. Early days so will see how it goes.

Do tell, how should whoop integrate freeletics? The api is there, the data is there, freeletics needs to pull the data and offer recommendations based on it. Others do it already.

Disclaimer: I’m a user of both whoop and freeletics.

Whoop has a big lack of bodyweight exercises. Even if Freeletics would provide the data, Whoop would not be able to calculate the strain correctly.