Your top tips for people new to training

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We’re looking to collect some tips for Athletes new to training and would love to hear your thoughts! We might even ask you for permission to share these tips in a future blog post :muscle:t2:

If you were talking to someone starting out on a fitness program for the very first time, what baby steps would you share with them, in order to help them get started, in one of these areas below:

  1. Preparing oneself mentally
  2. Physical tips
  3. Social support
  4. Anything related to diet/nutrition

I’m looking forward to seeing what top tips you have for those just starting out!


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  • Never compare yourself with anyone else

  • focus on technique, forget time

  • create your better self is a marathon not a sprint

  • do not overestimate, take rest days

  • do not fear workouts or exercises you can’t do. It is absolutely ok to scale down and celebrate the star when mastering it.


Here are some tips I often share with people!

  1. Preparing oneself mentally

Set realistic and achievable goals - you’re not going to get that 6 pack you want in 2 weeks!

  1. Physical tips

Don’t rush your training - enjoy it!

  1. Social support

Speak with friends also training - they can offer you support and encouragement when the going gets tough (which it will!).

  1. Anything related to diet/nutrition

I moved to a Vegan diet and when doing it, it really helped me to plan out my meals a few weeks in advance so I knew exactly what I was eating. Normally I’m rushing around buying ingredients last minute, but planning my new meals in advance ensured I had everything I needed, when I needed it.

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Great initiative!

I usually tell them, first of all, congrats on starting your fitness journey!

  • Technique is the most important thing, don’t be afraid to scale down and you will build strength over time. Go slow and focus on body-mind connection.
  • Trust the process, it is normal not to see results after the first few weeks.
  • if a workout seems too hard, just do what you can and you will be surprised by what you can achieve.
  • If you lack motivation, start warming up and motivation will come, movement induces movement
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